This painting is entitled "Bird" inspired by the music artist Billie Marten. I wanted to create and share a piece of art that reflects my thoughts and feelings at this unprecedented time. I wish to show all of my gratitude to all those that have lost their lives and to all those key workers working so hard. THANK YOU!! 


I wanted to show the 4 different states of mind or phases that people go though. I hope everyone and anyone can relate to this in some way. 


-The first phase is when you just want to think about nothing. Turn that switch off in your brain just like when you meditate. 

-The second phase is for all those that have lost their lives or to those who just want to vanish for a while. 

-The third is to show all of the brave key workers who leave their house every day to keep us going, and to the people that want to walk out the door and go on an adventure or see someone they really miss. 

-The fourth stage is to show all of the thoughts, emotions, aniexties and feelings that we all feel every day. If that's making your head want to explode or they are just running away from you.




    Artist: Jessica Thacker

    This is an acrylic painting on a 1x1m stretched deep edge canvas and has been finished using varnish. This painting comes unframed but please don't hesitate to ask me and I will happily look into framing for you at your cost.

    I have signed this painting on the back, however please let me know if you would also like a message or a signature on the front. 

    A minimum of 50% of the purchase price of each painting will go directly towards the wellbeing and education of children around the world.


    I try my utmost best to photograph each and every painting in an honest light to get the true colours. I will accept returns if there is a valid reason, please measure the space you would like that painting to go to make sure it will fit. I am more than happy to send other images of the painting if you wish before commiting to the purchase. 


    Free Postage and packaging for UK orders. Please note that all shipping outside of the UK will come at a cost price from the shipping company.


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