The People’s Art of Kindness creates unique and inspirational pieces of art, each made with love. The profits from our paintings contribute towards the well-being and education of children and their caregivers and by helping to support grass-roots charities around the world.
We aim to do this by promoting education and creative expression around the world through the Art of Kindness. Offering ongoing support, love and kindness to those in need. We will provide education, learning resources and art outreach projects to children and their communities. We hope to create a positive change for a bright future. We are starting small but through kindness, sheer determination and a passion to help others, we are dreaming BIG!
The People’s Art of Kindness was founded by Jess and Jade in 2020. We met backpacking around Cambodia, South East Asia. After getting to know each other, and quickly realising that we shared a similar outlook and a passion for travel, it became clear that we would become life-long friends.
In 2016 we moved to Chile, South America to work, explore and learn more about the South American continent. On our journey we were completely overwhelmed by the amount of kindness that was shown to us, by so many people. Kindness offered without any expectancy of anything in return. We stayed with families in their homes, were offered help and assistance in times of need, and met so many kind and selfless people along the way.
So now we are ready to continue our journey, life of travel, spreading our love and kindness straight from our heARTs.

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